Mogahid Yassin

A Chemical Engineer holding MSc in Environmental Pollution Control from UK. I worked in a wide range of industrial sectors in UK ranging from GRE manufacturing, oil and gas processing to organic chemical industries. My experience ranges from business start-up, development and diversification, project management, asset reliability and implementing rehabilitation programmes, identifying customer needs, financial and budget control, manpower planning, resource efficiency and cost improvement techniques needed by different industrial sectors. I have a proven ability to consistently deliver results to improve business overall profitability in order to protect its assets and competitiveness as reasonably and as practically as possible. As CEO and President of ESNAD Ltd, my specific activities vary but in general I am responsible for the growth, stability, direction and everyday operation of the business. Business planning, marketing and sales planning are my key activities. Setting budgets and then comparing actual income and expenditures is an important aspect of my duties. I create face-to-face promotion events to deliver company message to the right audience. Presently taken responsibility as Director - Business strategy of Gulf lubes Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. & also the major investor for Gulf lubes Malaysia.